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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing A1 Denture Clinic to provide you with your new dentures.


We hope you have many years of enjoyment from them, not only eating comfortably, yet looking good with a confidence. Your dentures have been hand-made by our highly skilled and qualified NZ registered dental technicians and clinicians to suit your very own requirement; using only the very highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


n order to help you maintain your dentures and to keep them looking as good in years to come as they do today, we recommend you to follow the simple instructions below.





Get into a habit of removing your denture after every meal and rinse them under running water.


Only ever use a soft brush when cleaning your dentures. A hard tooth brush can cause micro-embrasure on the surface of the denture which can cause bacterial retention and staining. Together with brushing, we recommend you use mild detergent or liquid soap and warm water to clean your denture(s) and always rinse them thoroughly before you place them back into your mouth.


NEVER use toothpaste or abrasive denture paste on the denture plastic. Tooth paste is abrasive and will damage the plastic.



If you remove your denture at night, soak it in a mild solution of baking soda and warm water (around half a teaspoon of baking soda with an amount of a glass of water).

Always store your denture in a denture container or in a container with a tightly fitting lid. Children and dogs find dentures irresistible to play with!!



We recommend you to have your dentures and soft tissues checked up every year to ensure everything is healthy and no minor adjustments need to be made to your denture. This is a FREE service we provide for all dentures made by A1 Denture Lab.

We will also clean and polish your denture(s) at your yearly recall visit for FREE.



An immediate denture is when you have your natural teeth extracted by a dentist and the denture is immediately placed in your mouth. 


When you get an immediate denture your mouth will go through many dramatic changes. These changes are going to happen fast during the first 6 month period then slow down after that.


When you first have your immediate denture put in, your dentist or oral surgeon will advise you about the next 24-48 hour period. After that time A1 Denture Clinic will take over your after-care. But, you need to know what to expect. 

1.You may have a feeling of bulk in your mouth.

Do not worry. You will get used to this feeling.


2. You may feel as if you cannot talk clearly,.

With a little practice your speech will return to normal.


3. You may feel as though you have too much saliva.

This will dry up to a normal level within a few days.

4. You may experience difficulties eating.

Take smaller bites than your usual bites and eat slowly,

with practice you will soon be eating normally.


5. You may find that eating softer foods,

taking smaller mouthfuls and chewing slowly can help.




Your gums will shrink very quickly over the next 12 months and your dentures will become loose. To tighten up your denture, temporary tissue lining will be inserted and last for a maximum of 8 weeks. These cost approximately $45 (incl. GST) per denture and it takes about 1 hour to process.


Once your clinician is happy that your gums have stopped dramatic shrinkage and healing is complete, it is recommended that permanent reline be done at a cost of $400 (incl. GST). Please keep in mind that as your oral anatomy changes you may be required to have further permanent relines. A Reline procedure takes around 5 hours to process.


Dentures should fit well and be comfortable at all times. If this is not the case, and/or you have any questions or concern, please contact one of our friendly team at A1.

Dividing food into two and chewing on both sides can help you learn eat correctly.

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